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Chris Marr – No Bull Shit!

Opening the Day, is the Content King – Chris Marr!! You’ve probably heard of content marketing. You’ve thought about it, talked about it, and maybe even tried a few things. But do you really ‘get it’? Content marketing is widely misunderstood, and in the UK the majority of business people are at the novice level of understanding. Chris is a…

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Projects: Block Time Out in Your Diary

Projects: Block Time Out in Your Diary Case study: Lorraine runs a digital marketing agency in Melbourne, Australia. When she contacted me in August 2013 to consult with her company, one of the main issues was the fact that she never seemed to have time to work on her own business. Lorraine says: “My business…

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Welcome to Talking Point of Business

Welcome to the Talking Point of Business site and blog!   Leading up to the event we are going to give you little snippets of content on the blog from our amazing speakers and any updates about the event you might want to know about.   We are looking forward to getting to know you…

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